Case Studies

Case Studies

We understand that our clients want clean, safe and tidy work spaces for staff and visitors alike but do not necessarily want to spend a lot of time having to think about it or organize it.

At Premier we pride ourselves on providing a bespoke, adaptive and thoroughly professional approach to meeting our customer’s specific wishes. We have outlined below two examples of this approach and look forward to demonstrating the same level of commitment for your own organization too.

Premier Cleaning Services Case Study 1 – Burvill House Surgery

Like all medical facilities, Burvill House Surgery requires their cleaning to be conducted to a particularly high level. Originally, in order to ensure that their building met all the stringent standards required, they employed in-house cleaners in an attempt to keep control of the cleaning.

The arrangement seemed largely satisfactory until one of the cleaners health began to fail and another key operative retired. The practice manager found that he needed to spend progressively more time recruiting and organizing the cleaners just at the same time that a raft of new legislative guidelines was insisting on ever higher and more numerous targets regarding health and safety standards and sanitation generally.

Having consulted his opposite number at Lister House surgery, which we had been cleaning for several years, he invited Premier Cleaning Services along to see how we could help.

As soon as the contract was awarded, we immediately made arrangements for an area supervisor and mobile cover cleaners to step in for the cleaners who had departed. As always, we carried out a free initial clean of the most important areas which included the clinical rooms and toilets. Once the standard of cleaning was improved sufficiently, we began carefully recruiting new permanent operatives of the right caliber.

Shortly after they had been inducted and trained and a supervision schedule was put in place, the practice manager noted that he had received several complimentary comments from GPs, partners and staff alike, however, he was particularly relieved that he had employed Premier a few months later when he was notified that the Care Quality Commission had randomly selected Burvill House Surgery to be audited for a report and rating. The level of cleanliness demanded to pass such a report is exacting and very short notice is given in advance of the inspector’s arrival. Surgery staff invariably find these inspections very stressful but we’re pleased to say that we met all the necessary requirements and standards for cleanliness without exception and indeed, have done so again since.

Premier Cleaning Services have been cleaning Burvill House Surgery for ten years now and you can see a recent reference on this website.

Case Study 2 – Lovett’s Chartered Accountants

A facilities manager has many responsibilities to attend to, so it’s comforting to feel confident that staff and visitors alike are working in a clean and safe environment. But when an unexpected event creates a difficult situation within a business, they will hope that at least they don’t have to worry about the cleaning.

One such event took place in 2009 when a fire, having spread from a nearby block of flats, completely destroyed Lovett’s offices.  As you can imagine, this was extremely disruptive for our client. All we at Premier Cleaning Services could do to help was to manage the cleaning contract professionally.

We initially responded by finding alternative temporary employment for the cleaners as Lovett’s, being with out an office, were obviously not in need of cleaning services at that point but wanted to retain our cleaners who they had high regard for.

Whilst Lovett’s began making arrangements for their office to be rebuilt, they rented a site the other side of town. Although the accountants were now back in business, the new location was too far for the cleaners to reach, so we organized transport for them so that at least as far as our client and the staff were concerned, the cleaning service continued unchanged and uninterrupted.

When the newly rebuilt offices were reoccupied, the client obviously wanted to ensure that they continued to look as impressive thereafter as they were on the day of re-opening. We’re glad to say that we still provide daily cleaning services for them ten years later and the offices are still in great shape.

A recent reference from Lovett’s is available on this website.  

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