Just some of the FAQs Premier Cleaning Services have been asked, if you require more information, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Q – Will we have to sign a long contract?

A – No. All of our contracts can be terminated for any reason with just one months notice.

Q – Are PCS fully insured?

A – Yes. Public/products liability cover of £1,000,000 and employer’s liability cover of £10,000,000 has also been extended to include:

  • Damage to property being worked on.
  • Loss of keys.
  • Misuse of customer telephones.
  • Accidental damage to of customer goods.
  • Failure to secure customer premises.
  • Criminal act extension.
  • Professional indemnity.
  • Indemnity to principal clause

Q – What criteria do PCS use to recruit your cleaners?

A – We look for cleaners whose appearance is clean and tidy. They must be at least 18 years old and visibly fit and healthy. Applicants who are already in steady employment and own a car usually prove to be reliable candidates.

Q – How are PCS’s cleaners vetted?

A – All applicants are interviewed in person and on site to assess their punctuality, presentation and demeanor. References are always sought and all statutory proofs of ID must be available to check. DBS checks can also be carried out if requested.

Q – How will PCS manage our security?

A – Very carefully. We understand this is a critical concern. Our key holders are thoroughly vetted and are usually chosen from cleaners who have been working for us for some time and have proved themselves to be trustworthy.

Q – How are your cleaners supervised?

A – For all but the smallest contracts, on-site supervisors are employed to ensure the smooth daily running of the contract. In addition, weekly visits are made by our area supervisors who visit each site unannounced to ensure that both start and finish times are adhered to and the cleaning specification is if fulfilled.

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